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Acamprol (Acamprosate) - 333mg x 6Tablets


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Acamprol (Acamprosate) - 333mg (6Tablets)

Main Use
Helps to maintain abstinence in patients recovering from alcoholism dependence and other alcohol-related illnesses.

Active Ingredient

Marketed Name
Acamprol 333mg



Acamprol (Acamprosate) is available in tablet form with the active ingredient Acamprosate; it is indicated specifically for patients who are fighting alcohol dependence and undergoing alcohol withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process. It works by reducing their craving for alcohol. It works best for patients who have abstained from alcohol before the start of treatment. Acamprol works by maintaining the natural balance of brain chemicals. It has been proved to be ineffective in patients suffering from other narcotic substance dependency other than alcohol.

Dosage and Administration

Acamprol 333mg is taken orally with water 3 times daily or as directed by the physician; it can be taken with or without meals. It is to be swallowed whole and not crushed, broken or chewed. The adult dosage is 333 mg, but individual dosages can vary based on the doctors’ assessment of the patient’s response to the medication and treatment progress.


Side Effects

Some patients using Acamprol-333 mg may experience or complain of the following side effects:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • stomach pain

The below-mentioned side effects may be experienced by some patients and requires a visit to the doctor:

  • anxiety
  • mood swings
  • seizures
  • increased thirst
  • irregular heartbeat
  • confusion
  • blurry vision


Before starting Acamprol (Acamprosate) it is advisable to inform the doctor if you:

  • are trying to get pregnant
  • are currently pregnant
  • are breastfeeding
  • have any other disorders or medical conditions
  • have allergies
  • are using other medications, either prescription or non-prescription
  • are taking vitamins or other supplements
  • have any other medical conditions


Drug Interactions with Acamprol


Acamprol is not recommended for patients with kidney problems and are being treated for this condition. It is also not recommended for patients who have depression or suicidal ideation. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited by patients who are undergoing treatment with this medication.


Acamprol (Acamprosate) is not suitable for all patients and the appropriate dosage is prescribed by the physician based on the individual condition of each patient. It is not advisable to adjust the dosage of this medication without prior approval of your physician. This medication is used strictly for patients suffering from alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal symptoms and not for any other drug or narcotic dependency.